RAW Automatic Rolling Box – 70mm


Whether you’re an inexperienced roller or just want an extra hand and no-fuss rolling, you can count on the RAW Automatic Rolling Box to help you maintain your Roll-Your-Own lifestyle! This 70mm machine may be limited to single wide rolling papers, but its small rolling size makes it compact and ultra portable. The curved design of the rolling box makes it naturally fit snug in a pocket for you to take it and go!

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Raw has developed this Automatic Rolling Box to be simple, fast, and fun, certain to be an excellent addition to your repertoire. Once you get used to it, using it is super simple: put in your blend, line the apron with your favorite Raw Single Wide Rolling Paper (70mm across), and slowly close the box to have your fresh smoke pop out the top! It’s that easy!

The gently curved body is made from a strong black aluminum and is constructed with extra strong rivets with a non-stretch cloth apron to ensure many years of perfectly rolled smokes. This rolling box isn’t like other rolling machines and may seem tricky at first, but once you’ve mastered it and seen how fast and perfect every smoke turns out, you’ll never want to roll a smoke by hand again!

Despite its small size this rolling box features enough space at the bottom to hold a few boxes of papers and a pouch of your herbs, all without sacrificing the box’s rolling ability. You can pack it up, roll it up, and enjoy with no worries!